Welcome to Mark Mason.com

Congratulations!  You’ve landed on the home page of Mark Mason.  Now, there are many “Mark Masons” out there — I’m the one that lives just north of Dallas, grew up in Houston, attended Texas A&M University (Whoop!), has an internet marketing blog and podcast, and builds integrated circuits for a living.  Most importantly, I have four beautiful children and a wife that I cherish.  What more could a guy want?

For the record, I am not the semi-famous English Cricketer Mark Mason or the plastic surgeon from South Lake, Texas.

The purpose of MarkMason.com is to provide a “home base” for my personal internet endeavors.  While I have many websites as a result of my internet marketing adventures, I didn’t have a place that was just for me.  So, after years of trying, I finally obtained MarkMason.com from yet another Mark Mason, and started this site.  It’s pretty empty now, but I’ll be filling it up as time goes by.  I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for stopping by.

Best regards,