Hey, it’s Mark Mason from LateNightIM.com

After years of trying, I was finally able to convince “the other Mark Mason” to give up MarkMason.com.  He seems like a really cool guy — and he’s a programmer (ever heard of LANSA?).  Anyway, I don’t have a  strong commercial purpose for this site.  To be honest, that complicated negotiations, as I could not really justify to paying a lot of money for the domain.

Once we agreed on a price, the transaction was handled by escrow.com.  That worked great, and is highly recommend if you plan on selling a domain and want to prevent misunderstandings (or worse).

Instead of a big commercial play, I plan to have this site as my personal “hub” – a place for people to connect with me and my growing platform.

I’ve asked my crackerjack designer Forest (email me for contact information) to come up with a cool design.  Forest is the same guy that did LateNightIM.com, so you should expect something awesome.

So, stay tuned.  More to come.