Focused On Family

My first priority is my fantastic family.  We have fun and create a lot of memories.  Sometimes, I even write them down.

Shared Memories

Excited About Engineering

An Electrical Engineer by training, I’m focused daily on contributing to the success of a large Dallas-based integrated circuit manufacturer.

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Motivated About Marketing

In my spare time, I’m a serious blogger, podcaster and niche marketer.  The “Late Night Internet Marketing” brand has been alive and well since 2007.  As you may have guessed, that happens after the kids go to bed .

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Giddy About Gadgets

An Apple enthusiast, I’ve been a gadget geek since birth.  Electronic toys are one of my passions, and when the mood strikes me I try to find the time share the excitement.

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Serious About Softball

On Thursday nights, I play softball for the League Champion Peanuts.  Some nights we are pretty good.  Others, well, not so much.

Go Nuts

Projects And Other Interesting Distractions


The reason for everything else.  Why I do the do I do.


I have a longstanding love affair with gadgets.  Especially the Apple variety.


My almost but not quite scientific point of view on health, weight loss and carbohydrates.


All The Rest

The sum total of all my musings on are here in chronological order.

Late Night Internet Marketing

My internet marketing blog and podcast.  It’s my number one side project.

Ball Cap Mom

My wife’s blog.  Think of me as tech support.


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My day-job profile on LinkedIn.  It’s the one with all my engineering connections.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

-Zig Ziglar

Spicy Corn Dish

Ingredients: 8 oz package of cream cheese 1 stick of butter 6 tbsp water 2 tbsp sugar 16 oz package of frozen corn 2-4 fresh jalapenos Procedure: Combine cream cheese, butter, water and sugar in crock pot on high until soft. Add corn and coat it well with the mixture...
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Boon Elementary — A Drone’s View

The other day we spent some time playing up at Boon Elementary in Allen, Texas flying the DJI Phantom drone.  I thought it would be cool to capture some images and make a short video.  Kids don't usually get to see their school from that perspective.  I remember when...
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Fun DJI Phantom Video At The Park

Here is some fun video that I took just yesterday at Lost Creek Park near the intersection of Xavier and Charleston on the east side of Allen, Texas just after baseball practice. You can see Coach Chris pitching to his son Conner and some of the team playing on the...
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The DJI Phantom 1 Quadcopter – My Super Cool Toy

Gadgets come and go -- and I've certainly had many.  But I'll never forget the first time that I flew my amazing DJI quadcopter.  I refer to it here as a DJI Phantom 1.  Note that there is now a more expensive DJI Phantom 2, with an available vision option.  But when...
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Bugz Video — Boon Elementary 2014

Howdy!! We are all very proud of our Boon Elementary First Graders and their production of Bugz earlier this May. Many of you have been asking for some video and I have some. But... Here is something you need to understand -- I am not a professional video guy.  ...
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“Don’t focus on having a great blog.
Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”

Brian Clark,